1231644EngagementĀ rings have a long history going back through the ages and crossing many cultures. The allure of placing a ring on our betrothed’s finger is deep-seated in our psyche. Fortunately, these days we have beautiful options.


In Egypt in 2800 BC rings were merely wire. By the 2nd century BC in Greece, brides were given a gold ring for special occasions and to wear in public and a lead ring for at home. In Austria in 1477 everything changed when the Archduke Maximilian proposed with a ring set with diamonds to form the shape of his beloved’s initial. In this moment a new tradition was born and diamonds became a bride-to-be’s most prized accessory.

Why Diamonds

Since that fateful day in the late 15th century diamonds have endured as the quintessential engagement ring. Diamonds are strong as denoted by their name which is derived from the Greek word for “unbreakable.” Our romantic notions of an enduring and unbreakable bond between lovers pledging themselves to marriage makes a diamond the perfect symbolic choice.

Contemporary Designs

The engagement ring has come a long way since then. It is available in gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and silver to match personal preference. Rings can feature one small modest diamond or a complex design with multiple stones, and even the band may be a series of stones. The diamonds themselves can be cut in different shapes and are no longer limited to clear traditional colors that exemplify the highest quality. Modern diamonds for engagement rings can now be found in chocolate, black, blue, yellow and other colors to fit a personal aesthetic.

Engagement Rings Today

The purpose of the engagement ring has not changed over the centuries: it is a gift to the bride-to-be and denotes her status and intention to marry. What has changed over the years is how women relate to the ring. Women are now more involved in selection and able to express their design wishes so the ring they will wear everyday for life truly reflects their personality as well as their enduring love and commitment.

An engagement ring represents a promise but it is so much more than a formal agreement. An engagement ring represents the hope and expectations of the years to come, and heirloom to be passed down through the generations and an invincible undying devotion between two people. As swiftly as our world changes an engagement ring withstands change and promises a future filled with love.