bridalWhen it comes to your special day, as the bride you will be on display in front of everyone. It’s important that everything is perfect, from your dress to your hair and even your jewelry. Some brides get so caught up in all of the activities that they forget that they need to accessorize their jewelry properly. If you are getting married soon and not sure how to choose the best bridal jewelry, the following tips will help you.

Take Your Dress Into Account

Your dress is probably the number one thing that your guests will notice first about you. It’s important that you pick jewelry to complement it. The last thing that you want to do is to be wearing bridal jewelry that clashes with you dress. Remember to think about the features of your dress and choose jewelry that will go with it accordingly. For example, if you are wearing a dress that has pearls on it, consider wearing a pearl bracelet or pearl necklace to go with it. If your dress doesn’t have a lot of embellishments to it, more extravagant jewelry can help bring the dress to life. Also think about the sleeves on your dress and your neckline. If your dress is long sleeved then it probably is best to skip a bracelet. For dresses with low necklines a necklace will complement the bride’s features.

Choose Jewelry That You Will Be Comfortable Wearing

It doesn’t matter how well a specific piece of bridal jewelry goes with a dress if the bride is not comfortable wearing it. The jewelry should complement the bride’s personality. For example, if the bride is simple and doesn’t like to look flashy then bridal jewelry that sparkles would probably not be the best fit. Azzi Jewelers has a lot of bridal jewelry available for the bride or wedding party to choose from. No matter what will suit your particular needs they are bound to have it.

Don’t Forget About How You Will Be Wearing Your Hair

When trying to figure out what bridal jewelry would be best, take into account how you will be wearing your hair that day. If you are wearing it down then dangly earrings or a necklace with a lot of detail probably won’t be very noticeable. However, if you are wearing your hair up or away from your face then flashier pieces would be preferable.

You don’t have to feel distraught when it comes to picking bridal jewelry. By utilizing the above tips you can pick jewelry pieces that won’t take away from your overall appearance on your wedding day. Just remember that the right bridal jewelry will complement the bride and make her feel confident and beautiful on her special day.