wedding_planningThe most important time to look your absolute best is on your wedding day where professional photos will be taken and hundreds of eyes will be on you and your spouse. Whether going in to get your hair trimmed or getting a spray tan, there are a number of ways to enhance your appearance before the big day.

Eat a Clean Diet

Eating a clean diet will not only help to shed a few pounds, but can also enhance the skin tone and even whiten the eyes for a healthier and younger look. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats into the diet in the months leading up to the event for more energy and a healthier appearance.

Whiten Teeth

A brighter smile will ultimately enhance your overall facial features, working to eliminate stains or discoloration that has occurred on the teeth overtime. Get a new smile in one day with a professional teeth whitening service that will provide a transformed smile immediately.

Enhance Hair Color

Whether going in for highlights or filling in your roots, it’s important for both men and women to allow their mane to appear more vibrant with low-lights or highlights that will work to naturally enhance the beauty of their hair.

For men, hair should be trimmed a week before the wedding for a cut that can settle without appearing awkward on the day of the event.

Opt for a Tan

A tan looks great on anyone, working to slim the appearance and create glowing skin that is fresher and more vibrant. It can be easy to appear washed out in professional photos, making it important to get a spray tan in the days leading up to the event. When using a tanning bed, begin tanning a month or two prior to the wedding for a tan that will gradually enhance in color and last longer than a week.

Get Waxed

Waxing is crucial for the wedding day to prevent stubble from occurring and for a cleaner look that doesn’t show the hair’s roots. Women should get waxed on their underarms, upper lip, and eyebrows, while men are more likely to have their chest or back waxed for both the wedding day and honeymoon.

Women can also have their arms or legs waxed for a clean and smooth look when opting for a tropical honeymoon. Waxing should occur at least three days prior to the wedding.