Planning a wedding is an exciting, yet stressful time. A wedding can be an expensive investment, which is why you need to look for different ways to save money on your wedding. Here are some tips on how to save money on your wedding.


Bridal Fairs

A great place to find a lot of free stuff for your wedding is at bridal fairs. They are held often, but the majority of them will be in the spring, summer, and fall. You can go to multiple booths and find free samples of great products like invitations, napkins, and makeup tips. Sign up at just about every booth as you can enter your name in free drawings to have free wedding photography, vacations, and even grocery money!


Online Help

Try to join as many newsletters as you can in order to find great deals. Even joining some travel sites can help you out as you can get some great discounts on your honeymoon.


Unique Style

How about getting a cool limo for your wedding? Check out to rent a great limo that will make your special day memorable and fun for you to remember for years to come. Check with the limo company to see if they can help you connect with other companies like photographers and tuxedo rental companies.


Buffet Style

You want your wedding guests to enjoy themselves, but research shows the wedding food is one of the largest expenses. Instead of having the food catered, how about offering a buffet-styled dinner? This is a great way to avoid a sit-down meal since those can be pricey. With a simple buffet, you can offer some food that is filling, but affordable. How about serving up some meatballs, little smokies, or finger sandwiches as your main course? This way there is plenty of food to go around and you can enlist your family members to help prepare the food.



Carefully consider the location of your wedding. Getting married in a church can save a lot of money on the venue costs and most religions will allow you to rent the church for free. You need to look at where you want to hold your reception. Again, a church can be a cheaper cost. If it is warm outside, an outdoor wedding is a great idea. If you have an amazing yard, make use of it instead of paying a country club or another place to host the reception.


Saving money on your wedding can be easy if you take the time to carefully plan ahead. Focus on ways to create amazing decorations. Thanks to Pinterest and other sites, you can find some awesome decorations for a wedding that are affordable.