When some people think about a bridesmaid dress, they are often filled with horrific memories of hideous attire. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to make these dresses both stylish and glamorous. These days, the dresses don’t have to be over the top, plain and simple can mean pure elegance. There are many styles that are favored by brides today, like the tea length, the one shoulder or strapless varieties. Selecting a tea-length dress will allow the bridesmaids to be able to wear their dress again and again. It can be hard to find the perfect dress that fits well on several body types; here are some tips to help choose the right dress for all bridesmaids.

*Style- The style of the wedding should be the first consideration. The dresses selected for the bridesmaids should match the theme. Some brides like the vintage look or even bohemian. It would not be appropriate to wear a Victorian 1920’s style dress to a bohemian wedding. The dress should complement the look of the bride and the theme of the event.

*Season – The season is so important in selecting a dress. The bride must take into consideration whether or not the wedding will be inside or out. For instance, picking a heavy fabric for an outdoor wedding in August is not wise. The brides’ maids could overheat and suffer from heat exhaustion. In this case, the bride should choose a light and airy material. The time of day may have some bearing too. A night wedding may require a cape or shawl, whereas a wedding in the daytime may not require anything extra. The goal is to ensure that the bridesmaids are both attractive, yet remain comfortable.

*Color- Looking back at photos of old bridesmaid’s dresses shows a great imagination when it comes to color. The bride should buy a dress she would wear herself. Today’s colors are more neutral and something that is versatile works great. Not every color looks good on every person. For instance, if a person has olive colored skin, they would need a taupe or a blush color. However, someone with light skin might blend in with taupe and it may be unflattering. Look at both the hair color and the skin color of the parties to ensure that their dress is appealing. It may be beneficial to have two different colors on the dress, this way it appeals to all.

*Flexible – It is standard that the bride makes all the decisions on these dresses. However, the bridesmaids input may be beneficial. It usually can simplify the process. The bride should listen to the concerns of her court and if they dress is uncomfortable or feels weird, they are the ones who has to wear it. All bridesmaids want something that will not only flatter their body, but that they can use again.

*Fittings- Don’t wait till the last minute, start shopping early. Most dresses need to be fitted and some will need altered. Procrastination can be a dangerous thing in wedding planning.

For wedding planning and finding the perfect dresses and accessories, Wedding Veils NYC is the place to start. Every bride needs someone helping pick from the veil to the shoes. Start early and allow plenty of time to ensure the perfect day goes off without a hitch.